8 Kitchen Trends That Will Leave You Wanting an Apple Pie on Your Window Sill

“15 Minute Korean Makeover” Tracy Chun from Blend Expo on the top kitchen trends this year. See how to switch up your routine to tap into the best of these design trends.

There are eight kitchen trends that have emerged in recent years that all work well for entertaining, organizing and simply being a productive family. At Blend Expo, nine home office specialists hosted a 1.5-hour seminar with Kimura Kitchens to share tips on how to add features to any space.

Some highlights from that session included:

  1. A top showroom coup of the summer was an entranceway. The home office that featured big windows and lots of light was the highlight of an open floor plan where design featured breakouts and spaces to merge.
  2. If you’re trading up to a larger family room/living room or dining room, a wood addition can make a home feel more relaxed while letting each guest know it’s welcome.
  3. Makeup table? Sure. Having multiple places where your children can have their friends over works great for entertainment, and tables are more weather-proof for the kitchen than chairs.
  4. You probably know that oversized spaces are in, and if you want more room, new space means updating your floor plan to create a wow factor.
  5. Fresh is in! Brands like De’Go’It’s are making kitchens seem cleaner, crisper and brighter — and despite their recycled look, they are more durable and easier to clean.
  6. Adding ambiance can feel great. Simple lighting and mirrors can do the trick, as long as they are placed in a place where you can control the mood and focus.
  7. When combined with his “bluest” palette on the market, a well-placed rug in the kitchen can make the simplest space feel cozy and updated.
  8. Big space can feel bigger with oversized decorative knobs for specific areas such as the top of the cabinets.