Architecture’s increasing role in branding and advertising

Architecture Branding
Whether you recognize it or not, your home, workplaces, and streetscapes are a reflection of your brand. In fact, design is the single most important ingredient for brand loyalty. This is especially true for transportation and government offices.

For instance, you wouldn’t bother to park in a spot marked by a Muni orange arrow emblem, would you?

The University of the Pacific provides exactly that. The prominent Muni emblem allows our students to both establish the distinction and service we provide as well as develop their resumes. “The University of the Pacific, at the crossroads of a growing North Central California region and just happens to be one of the most architecturally significant campuses in the state.” – Hook Agency

Our master plan has gone far and beyond

Far and beyond the standards created by the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOT). The physical project is stunning, and will continue to be architecturally inspiring as the remaining buildings are renovated and expanded, resulting in a vibrant center of innovation, innovation, and excellence. Our campus–a safe, healthy, and accessible place to work and play–will continue to flourish due to the presence of significant transportation infrastructure. University of the Pacific is the first California school and the fourth in the country to receive transit-oriented development (TOD) and transit-oriented housing status. It is the only large commuter school in the country to receive this ranking by state and the only state institution to receive both designation. In the next 18 months, we expect major traffic improvements, new and increased bike facilities, enhanced parking availability, landscaping enhancements, and the completion of the adjacent TOD– all designed to facilitate transit access, employee travel, and support unique student identity. In addition, we anticipate that more than 200 acres of the campus will become new open spaces adjacent to the existing center of campus. Through the TOD process, there will be two major roads redirected to cross the campus–one to the north, providing access from campus to downtown Stockton and the CSUS Hub. The future of I-209 in the nation and globally is one that encourages growth, promotes transportation access, and enhances quality of life through a higher quality of education. We need only a little imagination to envision a mixed-use pedestrian plaza fronting the UOP Farm, surrounded by rail and light rail platforms, providing access to downtown Stockton and the CSUS Hub. For most of us, a world-class campus is our calling card. The University of the Pacific is committed to becoming that for students and for all of our constituents.