Interior Designer Branding Trends 2019

Brand Interior Design

Some things to consider before creating your brand for your interior design firm. A brand is not just a logo.. but rather has to do with the entire feel your company is trying to put out in the world.

  • Brand = Promise of the experience of working with you.
  • Identity = How you visually show up online.
  • Logo = Simplest way to identify your company online.
  • Website = Your online space to connect with dream clients.

Get Futuristic with Abstract Shapes

If vintage is not your thing, why not get a little futuristic with abstract and geometric shapes?

Be Bold

A bold brand is a memorable brand, so don’t be afraid to take chances with your image. This can be executed using dramatic photographs, dramatic drawings or artwork that uses bold colors, lines and patterns. 

Less Is More with Neo Minimalism

There’s a certain simplicity in the minimalist look that can make a brand’s logo more memorable.