Branding for Interior Design Businesses

Why is a store front designed for business? What is the mission of your business? What do you want your brand to portray? Will your customers identify with a purpose or a purpose behind your products? Choose your message very carefully. Choose your media very carefully. What media do you want your brand to appear in? Do you want it to be visible at all? If so, choose different media to reach the highest possible audience. Should a business like yours pursue a social media presence? If so, how do you reach your audience? Most of all, do you know why you want to do that? You may find that trying to control and manage the entire design of your brand is prohibitive. Be open to any and all options. A menswear store without a logo may have the exact same services as your competition but they would never be seen in the same light. Your target customer is more than just your product’s user or a household name. Assume that they are a customer for the design industry. What value do they bring to your brand? They are not motivated by price. How do you reach a them? Find what aspects of your business they would find the most attractive, maintain a positive messaging and add some flair and character. Being consistently inclusive and inviting, they will eventually see the benefit in your business. You should consider these five questions for any branding project you undertake: Did you select the right person? Is the identity optimized for the client’s visual perception and not just on the surface? What is the overall design goals of the logo and above the product message? Is this a creative project? Is this a business project? You have chosen a client. Is he or she their brand? Are the designs aligned to the overall message and product? Is the design identifiable from traditional call to action materials? Is there a long term strategy?