These Bathroom Trends Will Blow Your Mind

There’s no better time for bathroom remodeling than the new year, but if you’re a little sidetracked this New Year’s Eve, we’ve got this perfectly doable bathroom design guide. Not only are these five baths over-the-top, but they’re guaranteed to bring your bathroom from like…well, to like, on the path to being completely gorgeous. Trio Bathroom by Houzz Trio Bathrooms by Houzz Love grey or warm, full-width baths with a drama-loving vibe? Need a color trend fix while you’re suffering from the cold snap? Take a cue from these 10 spaces inspired by their Houzz inspiration page. Click on the spots and open the few options that stick out. Kiss and Fly by Sentient Kiss and Fly by Sentient Ever seen a sink and a claw foot tub in the same space? Not now, friend. This place has it all: the spa bathroom, king sized tub and feature wall artwork. To make it all your own, stick one of your favorite soaps and lip balms in the wall when it’s time to change in for the next guests. Doesn’t this office have all the essentials of a normal, quiet place? For $4,999, you can have one too. These rooms should be just big enough for you to sit down, but not big enough to fill with clutter. With a wall of mirrors and a wall of mirrors covered in pearlized white-on-white paint, you have the perfect mirror display room. A gorgeous sink and toilet are where to start. Remember when we said this location was big enough for your queen sized bath? That’s exactly the size it should be, so apply for space with the largest amount of junk in your closet. Upcycling anything into something chic (and infinitely more useful) is chic. This cozy chair is such a practical addition that it’s just begging to be decluttered.